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Our international team of seasoned professionals has years of collective knowledge and expertise that gives us a unique advantage in providing specialized services to companies across a broad range of industries who are interested in entering the Latin American, Brazilian and Caribbean markets.

CALA-TEC delivers business strategies for those firms seeking a “footprint” in the CALA (Caribbean and Latin America) region, while seeking to create brand awareness with a sales & logistic channels for their products and services. Our vision is to be the bridge between Latin America and the United States, as well as other countries that wish to do business in Latin America.

Latin America offers many opportunities. But to navigate these opportunities along with the obstacles and challenges that are common with emerging countries, it’s important to have the right guidance. CALA-Tec has the experience and understanding to help you meet your international goals faster and more economical than you might on your own.

CALA-Tec is your gateway and partner to doing business in Latin America.

Our Team

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson is a Canadian born entrepreneur who has been living in Miami, Florida for more than 20 years. Involved predominately in the Electronic Security & Automation industry for the past two decades, Craig’s primary focus has been on the CALA (Caribbean & Latin America) region.

With several years spent physically in the territory, Craig has headed numerous projects involving manufacturing, distribution, & integration, including significant end-user interaction. He has a proven record of accomplishment in business development for USA, Asian & European manufacturers, resulting in over US$100M in sales into the territories to date.

Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French, Craig offers multicultural expertise in the important business nuances of all the main countries.

Richard Hahn

Richard Hahn has been involved in public relations, marketing and business development strategies for over 30 years, beginning in a New York City ad agency that specialized in the financial community. In 1989 he was hired as editor to launch a new security publication.

The experience in the industry provided the impetus to establish Richard Hahn & Associates in 1994 in which he built a client base consisting of many large players as well as smaller companies and start-ups. In 2007, he relocated to Bogota, Colombia. Fluent in Spanish, he has given conferences on marketing, public relations and social responsibility.

Apart from work, Richard has been engaged in many social responsibility initiatives.

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